I'm a product management leader with a passion for technology, all things mobile, and audio. I get an incredible amount of satisfaction by working with customers and developing a strategy to fulfill their needs. I build cross-functional teams that are highly motivated, collaborative, and focused on achieving the goals of the business. I also like rolling up my sleeves and poking/peeking at the elegant solutions we are building. Understanding how something works, both from a user and technical perspective, is how I ensure that my products engage and convert my customers effectively. You'll find the many different facets of my abilities here, in the companies I've worked for, the products I've built, and even what I do in my spare time.


Mobile Products

Native Android & iOS Apps
Mobile Marketing
App Store Optimization

Product Management

Lean & Agile
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Director of Mobile, Credit Sesame, Inc.- Current
Helping you manage your credit from your phone

At Credit Sesame, I'm creating an incredibly engaging mobile experience for people who want to manage their credit. The native (Android & iOS) apps provide detailed score analysis and savings options in a compact, easy to use form. Users love its features such as instant score refresh, credit monitoring alerts, as well as the innovative technologies like Siri integration, Touch ID, and autofill for application forms.

Co-Founder & Product Lead, MobiTeris, Inc.
Connecting consumers with local merchants via local deals

With MobiTeris' flagship product, BuyFi, consumers could order food, save money on it, pay for it, and earn rewards all through their phone. Our users loved the ability to save both time AND money, and were amazed at how easy it was to order their favorite items or customize things towards their apetite. As a super lean start-up, I wore many hats, from leading the product definition, to interfacing directly with our businesses and consumers, all the way to marketing and business development.

Director of Products, VoloMedia, Inc.
Enabling seamless monetization of video podcasts

Preroll, midroll, postroll: common advertising terms that were particularly uncommon for podcasts. At VoloMedia, I led the product team to build an enterprise class ad management system that was used by top media companies such as MSNBC and Fox News.

VP of Products, iVillage/NBC
Delivering content and products catered to women's interests

At iVillage I spearheaded the prioduct management group to bring a focus on interactive products to the editorially oriented site. I launched an innovative virtual model for the style vertical, a subscription multimedia web site/photosharing platform for new and expectant mothers, a social network exclusive to the iVillage audience and more across our ad driven and premium revenue channels.

Over 15 Years Experience

These are some of the companies I've worked for. Perhaps you know a few of the names on this list. Others you may have never even heard of.

Over the course of my career I've worked with some of the world's largest companies all the way down to lean startups with only a few co-founders. This has given me a unique outlook on accomplishing goals by focusing on what's most important: what your customers actually need. Everything else starts from there.


Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame

Helping you understand your credit score and debt, while enabling you to search for financing options like credit cards, personal loans, and mortgages that you actually qualify for.

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Siri Integration

Siri Integration

Finding out your credit score has never been easier. Just ask Siri "What's my credit score?" and Credit Sesame's app will tell you!

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The mobile app that enables you to buy food, save money, earn rewards, and more from your local restaurants, stadiums, and college campuses.

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Check into sports games and root for your your favorite team. Become the MVP of the game and win prizes with our scratchers.

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Guitar Amp

Guitar Amp

The ground breaking tube amp emulation from Studio Devil's professional desktop plug-ins for guitarists are now available on your iPhone.

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Quixpin DJ

Quixpin DJ

The first true DJ app available for iPhone, launching in July 2009. Includes innovative features such as split audio mode, automatic BPM and beat analysis, configurable mixer, iTunes library import, and more!

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Inventions and Innovation

Patents are not a perfect system and definitely not a guarantee to success. They are at least one way of putting a stake in the ground and declaring it your own.

Over the course of my career, I've had the privilege of working on a variety of patents to protect what I've created. Here are some, mostly focused on mobile commerce and content.

Securing mobile transactions- US20120136798

I designed a double-blind, decentralized encryption system that keeps customer information secure on their own devices as opposed to a central server which could be a target for hackers. Read more.

Building customer loyalty in a mobile environment- US20130041731

Understanding your customer behavior and preferences is the key to building their loyalty. Now, it's possible to connect customer's mobile behavior with their in-person transactions. Read more.

System and method for rewarding customer loyalty in a mobile environment.- US20120150606

Loyalty isn't forever. Once you're able to identify a loyal customer, I propose methods for rewarding their on-going loyalty with deals available through their mobile phones. Read more.

Discovery and Analytics for Episodic Downloaded Media- US20090204481

The technology described in this patent enables consumers to like and share any type of media file available via a URL. It also enables content publishers to determine how many people are liking, sharing, and consuming their content. Read more.


Recent Information. Block Title Blog
Creating Simple and Extensible Product Reporting

Creating Simple and Extensible Product Reporting

Throughout my career in product, I’ve seen severeal colleagues and companies struggle with product reporting. For one reason or another, they feel they are not getting the information they need in order to make smart decisions. Most of the time, folks will try to make do with what they have and they’ll take a targetted approach to filling in what they think are the biggest and most importent gaps. This might sound familiar to you, especially if you are working with an already existing product and need to stay nimble. Still, you have to keep in mind that sooner rather than later, you’ll be back in the same position, wondering about all the data that you’re missing.

What if you’re creating a completely new product, re-architecting your existing one, or have finally decided to throw down and do reporting right for a change? This is an awesome opportunity, but of course a daunting challenge. Where do you begin? As with any large undertaking, before getting started, take a step back to contemplate what you really want to get out of the overall process. Build a guiding philosophy that will help you make the right decisions for you, whatever they are.

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Improving Siri and OK Google Voice Assistants

Improving Siri and OK Google Voice Assistants

Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC are coming up fast, both with expectations on what the next versions of their respective operating systems will have. There are many folks out there who have been asking for an API into Siri or OK Google. At the very least, it looks like Android may be providing such capability. There is a talk scheduled for Google I/O called: “Building voice actions for your Android app” (https://events.google.com/io2015/schedule?sid=4c59a197-b6d4-e411-b87f-00155d5066d7#). The summary states:

In this talk, attendees will learn how to drive traffic to their Android app using voice actions. We'll cover how apps should inform Google which “OK Google” requests they can handle on phones, tablets, and watches.

It sounds promising, but will it be enough? And will Apple produce similar access to enable developers with the ability to call their apps through Siri? I’ve done a decent amount of work in this genre of mobile apps, most recently with Credit Sesame’s Siri integration, where members who have the app installed can ask Siri “What’s my credit score?” and the app will launch and tell you your credit score. It’s pretty cool when you see it in action, but it’s also very limited. I think the concept of voice assistants on mobile devices should be extended beyond the purpose of predefined commands and merely launching apps.

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