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Creating Simple and Extensible Product Reporting

Throughout my career in product, I’ve seen severeal colleagues and companies struggle with product reporting. For one reason or another, they feel they are not getting the information they need in order to make smart decisions. Most of the time, folks will try to make do with what they have and they’ll take a targetted approach to filling in what they think are the biggest and most importent gaps. This might sound familiar to you, especially if you are working with an already existing product and need to stay nimble. Still, you have to keep in mind that sooner rather than later, you’ll be back in the same position, wondering about all the data that you’re missing.

What if you’re creating a completely new product, re-architecting your existing one, or have finally decided to throw down and do reporting right for a change? This is an awesome opportunity, but of course a daunting challenge. Where do you begin? As with any large undertaking, before getting started, take a step back to contemplate what you really want to get out of the overall process. Build a guiding philosophy that will help you make the right decisions for you, whatever they are.

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